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     The Lions of Wisconsin are committed to the excellence of Lionism in our state and strive to keep the spirit of Lionsism strong for time to come. 
     Attention Club Membership Chairpersons - LCI has published a Guide for Club Membership Chairpersons to help you strengthen your membership recruiting.  This should be a help to increasing your club's membership.
     Need some visual aids for a membership drive?  How good is your Lions trivia?  Check out this PowerPoint show. Who Wants to Be a
More Informed Lion?  You can download the file and save it to your computer if you have PowerPoint so you can add some local questions or show it while not being hooked up to the Internet.
     Making It Happen - Guide to Club Project Development  -
Lions clubs that organize meaningful community service projects make a significant impact on the people they serve. Lions feel they have made a valued contribution and potential members are more likely to support the project.
     This step-by-step guide helps your new or existing club identify meaningful service projects and develop an effective plan of action. You will find this group guide exciting as you exchange ideas and accomplish more than one Lion alone!
The Family Plan - Your International Board of Directors have made available to you the following incentive.  The family plan passed at the International Convention in Boston.  If you have other Lions living in your household, up to 4, you will only pay half of the International dues for each additional member.  Family members also pay half dues for State, but sane for district.  To be part of the Family Membership Program, your club secretary must complete the Family Unit Certification Form or file online before May 31 or November 30 to take affect on the next billing cycle.

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