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Our Mission:
We Serve by reaching, touching and improving lives.

We Serve.” It’s been our motto since being adopted by Lions International in 1954. It hasn’t changed. But we can better communicate what we mean by stating our mission further—linking what we do (serve) with what we strive to accomplish (help others).

Summarized as a theme, the mission statement is a brief, emotionally powerful expression of what our efforts promise. It’s a great tool for building understanding of what we are about within each of our communities (and with prospective new members!).

Stating our Case

All Clubs are strongly encouraged to integrate the new theme into their thinking and all communications.  


In October 2006 a Mission Statement Committee was established by Wisconsin Lions Foundation volunteers and Council of Governors representatives.

Their collaborative research, development and deliberation efforts led to formal adoption by both groups of the new mission statement and theme in March 2007.  They were introduced at the May 2007 State Convention.

Work continues to extend the theme to Lions organization, team and project leadership, by developing parallel vision, values and aims statements.

One voice means greater strength for Wisconsin Lionism.


Using these graphics provides a positive “halo” that comes from statewide use.  The idea is to use these just as you would the official Lions International logos.

You are encouraged to begin to make use of these graphic approaches promptly.

The typeface shown in the examples are all in a commonly available font named “Tahoma (bold).”

(Use full statement when graphically separated from club name)
We Serve by reaching, touching and improving lives.

(Use theme statement when graphically adjacent to club name)
Reaching, Touching, Improving Lives