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Award Recipients

The following Lions were presented with leadership recognition at the state convention in May 2023.  Congratulations to the following Lions.

Restoring Hope Transplant House Fellowship Award –

                   PID Peter and JoAnn Cerniglia


Helmer Lecy Sight Service Award – 

                  Dave Hempel


GAT Award – 

                  Judy Hatz and Tim McClain

International President's Certificate of Appreciation

                  PDG Greg Pryor

                  Lion Barb Dulmes

                  PDG Susan Selner

                  PCC Stacey Nesseth

                  Lion Greg Clark

                  Amy Reil


Presidential Leadership Medals

                  Calvin Hunt

                  VDGE Michael Milbach

                  Mary Jo Abler

                  DGE Brenda Rumpee

                  VDGE Patt Goerke

                  VDG James Dimock

                  VDGE Ed Cerney

                  DGE Anita Kelley

                  VDGE Jim Klubertanz

                  PDG Judy Hatz


International Presidential Award

                  Don Drew

                  Randy Kissock

                  Ben August

                  PCC Gerri Schlender


International Presidential Award from IP Brian Sheehan

                  PCC Jody Burmester


Ambassador of Goodwill

                  PCC Jody Burmester


Lions Medal of Honor

                  John Dixon

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