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Recap by Bill Taubman, WI Lions Mission Chair

Every year, numerous Lions head to countries south of our borders with used eyeglasses from our Eyeglass Recycling Center in Rosholt, donated fire trucks, ambulances and school buses gathered by Lions Clubs around the state, and medical and school supplies such as hospital beds and school desks.  These item are given freely to Lions Clubs in foreign lands that distribute them to needy schools, orphanages and cities. While on a mission, thousands of used eyeglasses are given out to local residents who probably have never had a pair of glasses in their life.


Materials taken come from donations accumulated throughout the state. The used glasses are collected by Wisconsin Lions and processed through the Eyeglass Recycling Center located at the Wisconsin Lions Camp in Rosholt.


Wisconsin Missions is also teaming up with the ALERT program. Lions are willing to travel to help people who have experienced a disaster such as the recent hurricane in Texas. If you would like to become a volunteer, get the sign up form here: ALERT application »

For more information about Missions: Most recent Missions Newsletter »

Greetings Lions Mission Members


     I hope you all have had a great winter and are eagerly waiting for summer to arrive!  I am writing to you now about a large group of people that didn't have a great winter and are, I'm sure, eagerly awaiting a better summer.  That would be the people in the area of Mayfield, KY. On December 10th that area was hit by almost historic tornadoes that killed 80 people, injured unknown numbers and damaged 12-15,000 buildings. Hundreds of families have been displaced from their homes and lost most or all of what they had. They have been living in motels etc. but are slowly transitioning to living in FEMA trailers and other temporary facilities. A very few are getting back into homes.

     WLM has risen up to help victims of natural disasters several times in the past decade and I have launched an effort to do so again. I am told by Lions from KY that what they need now are things to furnish their trailers, homes or whatever place they have found to live in. The attached list tells the story. I am asking you to help us collect a trailer load of the type of items listed and more.  While the need for furniture at this time is not great they will take some furniture also as they have warehouse space to store some.  I anticipate making another trip to KY in a few months and take more furniture at that time.  .

     My hope is that we can take the first load down there at the end of April so there is no time to waste. Lion Pat Knier from Kiel is also collecting to fill a trailer and will be going down about then also. Please give this a serious effort!  It is going to be your responsibility to get what you collect to me because I'm not planning to drive all over the state to pick it up!  What I would say is that we can arrange some pick-up spots along I-94 for the day of our departure if that is helpful. 

     For past relief efforts like this many people have simply donated money and that is great. We know that money is extremely helpful to disaster victims and we would disperse it through the Lions there.  You could remind potential donors of money that we are a 501C-3 non-profit and so their donations would be tax deductible.

     Thanks for you help again!  Together we can make this happen again!

                                                 Bill Taubman, WLM Chair    715-520-7692     wct38@centurytel.net


FYI    A nice article about our Fort McCoy eyeglass mission was in the recent digital International magazine.  if you haven't seen it yet and want to go to lionmagazine.org     It is the lead article in the magazine!



Bath towels. hand towels , wash clothes


All cookware


Small appliances...microwaves, toasters, toaster ovens, air fryer, coffee makers, mixers, can openers and more


Laundry detergent and dish washing soap


Bedding of all sorts




CLOTHING   They have an abundance of clothing so we are not going to take more.


FURNITURE  We will take some furniture but at this point the people don't have homes so have little use for furniture. In a few months that will change somewhat and we will probably be making another trip when the need for furniture is greater. They do have storage space for some amount of furniture so with that in mind some will go now.


MONEY  There is always a need for $$.



We are not taking this to some third world country, we are taking it to a community much like the one you live in. Please do not donate things that you wouldn't be willing to have in your house. It likely will end up in my burn pile!



It is my hope to make the first trip down there late in April/early May so would like everything to me by April 25th.


QUESTIONS    Call me at 715-520-7692 or email wct38@centurytel.net


Thanks for your help!!      Bill Taubman, Wisconsin Lions Missions Chair

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