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The time to plant trees is almost over for this year so make plans to plant trees in the Spring. We are over 14,000 planted right now. Let's reach 20,000 in the next year. We are renaming our tree project, "Lions Planting Centennial Trees in Wisconsin" in honor of our upcoming Wisconsin Lions Centennial Celebration.

Everyone should be recycling.  Our landfills are filling up with trash. Check with your local recycling program to see where your recycling facility is, the hours of operation and what items are accepted. Ask your District Environmental Rep for information on what your club is doing for a recycling project.

Be sure and conserve water and electricity. Take care with your use of pesticides and herbicides and dispose of containers correctly.

Everyone can do one thing to improve or protect our earth. Do your part.

Thank you.

Lion Anita LeCleir


Wisconsin Lions

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