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eggs shells in bucket Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash

cost of food wasted / household / year*

Reduce food waste. Save $$$. Improve the environment.
Changing the world starts at home. On average, every Wisconsinite throws away 294 pounds of food a year,
resulting in 8.9 million tons of waste going to landfills*.
The Lions of Wisconsin are challenging every Wisconsinite to reduce the amount of food they waste
& to implement home composting. Get started today!  

*Source: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources / Penn State

Paper bags with groceries including frui


TAKE INVENTORY Determine what food you
already have, what needs to be used soon &
how much space you have for new items

PLAN MEALS Use online tools to calculate
how much to buy based on number of


MAKE A LIST Save time & reduce impulse
buys by skipping aisles with unwanted items.


EAT BEFORE SHOPPING Hungry shoppers are
more likely to make extra purchases. This
goes for the kids, too!


TRACK THE EXCESS After a few grocery trips,
take note of what goes uneaten & cut back on
buying those items.


COMPOST FOOD SCRAPS such as peels &
rinds, eggshells & coffee grounds, then use to
improve your garden.


Is This Food Expired? Meal Prep Mate

Wisconsin DNR Reducing Food Waste @ Home

Image by Edward Howell


Composting transforms organic waste to rich, earthy soil.

IT'S EARTH FRIENDLY Almost 25% of American household waste is composed of food scraps or yard waste. Composting saves landfill space and resources, and returns valuable material to productive use.


HELPS PREVENT POLLUTION When organic materials are landfilled, they produce methane, a greenhouse gas 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. Composting these materials means they don't go to the landfill and are put to work in farms and gardens instead.

IT ENRICHES SOILS Compost helps improve soil structure, increases the soil's ability to hold water and air, enhances soil fertility and stimulates healthy roots.


IT'S EASY! Collect greens & browns. Mix them. Keep them moist.



Composting Basics - Why Compost

Composting As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Composting Made Simple

The Complete Composter

What To Compost Poster

Composting Benefits (video)

Where to Compost in Wisconsin

6 Different Ways to Compost (video)

Image by Naassom Azevedo


Multiply your impact by encouraging your friends, family & neighbors to reduce food waste & begin composting.

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#LionsGoGreen (video)

eggs shells in bucket Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash.jpg

#ScrapLikeALion... The Perfect Club Project

You have an opportunity to make a major impact on reducing the 8.9 billions pounds of food waste being added to Wisconsin landfills annually... simply by getting involved with the statewide #ScrapLikeALion service project. 

SOCIAL MEDIA AD CAMPAIGN running through June 16, 2024

  • Ads promoting #ScrapLikeALion to younger generations across Wisconsin

  • Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Google Ads

  • The ad campaign is likely to attract interest from the public... make sure you are ready to answer questions & support your community's interest in reducing food waste & composting 



  • Share #ScrapLikeALion social media posts on your club & personal social media.

  • Use #ScrapLikeALion & #LionsGoGreen across all promotional materials

  • Share educational materials & resources @ club projects/events

  • Invite composting programs/partners to share stories @ club meetings



Virtual Background

Reduce Food Waste & Composting resources above 

Social Media Posts below



Partner with local businesses & organizations to create food waste reduction & composting projects

  • Schools

    • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Farm to School program​

  • Community centers

  • Community gardens

  • Libraries

  • Senior living

  • Homeless shelters

  • Dorms

  • Churches

  • Local businesses / Central offices /HQ

  • Apartment complexes / Management companies



  • Among your club members

  • With local partners to raise awareness & create projects that target reducing food waste & creating composting opportunities



Composting Project Planner COMING SOON

Composting & Food Waste Reduction Customizable Press Releases COMING SOON

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